Amateur Radio Emergency Services of Brevard, Inc.
Florida K-9 Rescue Response
The Florida K-9 Rescue response team joined the ARES®  team as part of the overall focus on serving the community. Leveraging the ARES®  abilities for emergency communications and ARES®  Team members CERT certified, it was a perfect fit for the overall mission and objective.The Florida K-9 team, becoming licensed amateur radio operators will now be able to work with the emergency communications team in times of emergency.

The Florida K-9 Rescue Response is a team of professionally trained Paramedic and EMT First Responders. The mission is to go above and beyond the search and rescue effort. The goal resolves around integrated and interactive effort to care. They are focused on not only finding missing or trapped persons, but delivering the advanced care needed in an emergency situation.

Beyond the search, rescue and care, their mission also provides public awareness through public education and preparedness.