Amateur Radio Emergency Services of Brevard, Inc.
Operations/Training Officer - Ricky DeLuco, K4JTT, operations@ares-brevard.com
Public Affairs/Served Agency Officer -  Andrea Young, KO4PHN, pio@ares-brevard.com
Administration Officer - Richard Segrist, N8NKV, administration@ares-brevard.com      
Logistics Officer -  Andrea Young, KO4PHN, logistics@ares-brevard.com
Safety Officer -  John Gore, KO4HVS, safety@ares-brevard.com
Finance Officer - Victor Valentin, KO4MPD, finance@ares-brevard.com
Technology Director - William Klosowski, K4SVT, technology@ares-brevard.com
SKYWarn Severe Weather Coordinator - Michael Ellixson, KE4MWZ, skywarn@ares-brevard.com

Chairman - Ricky DeLuco, K4JTT
First Vice Chair - David Pierce, AF4BS
Vice Chair - Victor Valentin, KO4MPD
Vice Chair - Hylan Boxer, W4UTD
Vice Chair - Andrea Young, KO4PHN
Vice Chair - John Gore, KO4HVS
Vice Chair - Richard Segrist, N8NKV
Vice Chair - Skip Bush , KD0CXT
Vice Chair - Donald Purnhagen, K4ILG
Amateur Radio Emergency Services of Brevard, Inc.
                            Board of Directors
Appointed ARES Leadership for Brevard County                          
Space Coast Emergency Coordinator
             Ed Johnson, W2PH
Brevard County Emergency Coordinators
North District
Central District
South District
Ricky DeLuco, K4JTT
Hylan Boxer, W4UTD
Donald Purnhagen, K4ILG
North District Email, NorthDistrict@ares-brevard.com
Central District Email, CentralDistrict@ares-brevard.com
South District Email, MelbourneDistrict@ares-brevard.com
North District:       Volusia/Brevard Border to FL-528.
Central District:    FL-528 South to Sarno Rd.
South District:      Sarno Rd to the Southern Brevard Border
Appointed RACES Officer for Brevard County                          
Hylan Boxer, W4UTD