Amateur Radio Emergency Services of Brevard, Inc.

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ICS Forms (Fillable)

ICS-201, Incident Briefing
ICS-204, Assignment Form
ICS-205, Radio Communications Plan
ICS-205a, Communications Assignment Form
ICS-213, General Message Form
ICS-213rr, Resource Request Form
ICS-214, Activity Log
ICS-309, Communications Log
ARRL Radio Gram
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Net Control Manager
Storm Spotter Report
Southern Florida ARES Net:  Monday - Saturday 7:45am EST. 3.940kHz
SFAN is a Southern Florida ARES Net for both EmCOMM Net Traffic and Traffic Handling Net. This NET   is open to all.

Hurricane Season 2022: Nets to Know
Caribbean Emergency Weather Net - Meets daily at 1030Z and 2230Z on 3815 kHz.

Hurricane Watch Net -- 14.325 MHz, 7.268 MHz -- Activated whenever a hurricane is within 300 nautical miles of expected landfall. Disseminates storm information and relays meterological data to National Hurricane Center via embedded NHC station WX4NHC. Also relays post-storm damage reports and other relevant information.

Intercontinental Net operates from 7 AM to noon US Eastern Time on 14.300 MHz, providing a means of emergency communications to any location where normal communications are disrupted.

Marine Maritime Services Net -- 14.300 MHz -- The network acts as a weather beacon for ships during periods of severe weather and regularly repeats high seas and tropical weather warnings and bulletins from the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center.

Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) -- 14.260 MHz -- The purpose of the SATERN net is to support the Salvation Army operations in local, regional and international disaster situations. - ARRL US Virgin Islands Section News

Name Frequency Duplex Offset Type CTCSS
EOC North Tower 147.075 + .600 TSQL 107.2
EOC Central Tower 147.135 + .600 TSQL 107.2
EOC South Tower 146.895 - .600 TSQL 107.2
EOC Central 440 444.525 + 5.0 TSQL 103.5
Florida SarNET 444.650 + 5.0 Tone 107.2
Field Repeater (Portable) 444.150 + 5.0 TSQL 107.2
North Simplex 146.595
Central Simplex 146.420
South Simnplex 146.550
Melbourne Simplex 146.580
EOC Simplex 147.540
GMRS North Repeater 462.550 + 5.0 Tone 103.5
GMRS Central /South Repeater 462.675 + 5.0 Tone 186.2
National Hurricane Watch Net
ICS-215, Operational Planning Worksheet
Repeater Quick Links
Brevard County Repeaters
ICS-205, North Operations
ICS-205, Central Operations
Note: ICS-205 and Repeater listings subject to change, Last Updated 4/27/2021
ARES® Operations Manual
Current Version of "Chirp"
Current Version of Winlink
Logistics Links
FEMA - Disaster Communications
Logistics Mission
To deliver the right resources, at the right place, at the right time, to support ARES®  Objective and Mission.

Enable interoperable communications to ensure coordination and collaboration with ARES® served agencies, as well as the private sector and non-governmental organizations; Enable effective and efficient disaster response and recovery by providing Operational Communications support to first responders in coordination with the ARES®  mission.